Fight Rewards

USDT Rewards for Everyone, fight reward is rewarding players who fight in the Arena, 40% of player spent will send to fight reward pool. Fight Reward will be distributed 24 hours after a season end.

  • Fight Rewards
    1. 76.5% of fight reward pool will be used as the current round fight reward
    2. 13.5% of current round reward will be accumulated to next round
  • Top 10 Rewards
    1. 8.5% of fight reward pool will be used as the current round top 10 reward
    2. 1.5% of current round reward will be accumulated to the next round
    3. Top 10 players could receive the reward as below,

  • Reward Calculation
    1. Your fight reward is based on fight point
    2. Your fight reward is calculated as,

Fight Points

Fight Point is the proof of your fighting skill, the fight point you can get would increasing along with your Power.

  • Winners get 2x fight point than losers
  • Power Tier
    1. Power 1,000,
      • Winner gets 10 fight point, loser gets 5 fight point
    2. 1001 ≤ Power 19,999,
      • Winner gets 20 fight point, loser gets 10 fight point
    3. 20,000 Power,
      • Winner gets 70 fight point, loser gets 35 fight point


  • How to withdraw?
    • You can withdraw your USDT in Crypto Reward Page.
  • How to exchange USDT to USD or other FIAT?
    • You can exchange USDT in exchange or Other services like,
      1. Exchange to Bank Account
        • USD: Bitfinex, Coinbase and Kraken
        • EUR: Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Kraken
        • SGD: Okcoin and Crypto(MCO)
      2. OTC to Bank Account or Local Money Service
        • Bank: LocalCryptos and Paxful
        • Paypal or Others: Binance, OKcoin and Paxful
      3. Crypto as Debit Card Deposit
        • SDG, JPY, AUD, and GBP: Crypto(MCO)
        • EUR: Revolut

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  • Why my rank is high but my fight reward is less than others?
    • Every game is hosted by different game agents, the fight reward is bounded with game agents. The game reward would increase if your game agent invites more players.
  • Can I become a game agent?
    • Yes, click the button to learn more

  • Can I ask for a refund?
    • For, using credit card to buy USDT,
      • You CAN NOT refund once you buy USDT with your credit card. But you can sell the USDT in the services above to get FIAT back.
    • For, using USDT to buy game items,
      • If the game has major defects, we’ll discuss it with the game developer about the compensation or refund.