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Gaming Industry is Broken

The 2 metrics on the right is from the financial statements of game developer companies. The chart tells us a sad truth, developers spend the same efforts in developing games but the players spend less and spend less time playing the games. What causes this result?

Freemium model. Freemium model shorting the game tiles’ life-cycle, so game developers keeping launching the new game titles to have sustainable revenue. Comes a result, the market getting crowded increasing the marketing costs and decreasing the profits.

Short Game Life-Cycle

Freemium model shorting the game life cycle, the top 10% game developers owns more than 85% market while the rest 90% developers struggling

High Homogeneity of Games

A good game takes time but running a company can't stand long time with no income. Keeping pushing new games to the market is the obvious solution, make the high homogeneity of games and tons of old games

Marketing Cost ROCKETED

While the market getting crowder and crowder, the marketing channel competition rises as well. But high homogeneity games and short game life-cycle make everything worst and worst

Blockchian is the Solution

The Blockchain Solution for Game Developers

The core concept of blockchain mining is to reward the actions the designer wants. Satoshi Nakamoto wants a transparency public ledger so he rewards the people who help to keep the ledger with Bitcoin, millions of people rushed in to keep the ledger, what if we can use the mechanism in games?

Rollin.Games is the blockchain solutions for game developers, that decrease game developers’ development efforts and increase revenue by relaunch old games, extend game life by play-is-mining and lower the marketing cost by launching on Rollin.Games game distribution network.

Relaunch Old Games

Developers put a lot of effort into the games, once the game is off-market the game became redundant. With Rollin.Games developers not only can monetize from the old games


In the old days, players would spend weeks in WoW just for getting better armor or weapon to get the feeling of achievement or making profits out of the item. The old days are gone, now games can only provide a sense of achievement but with play-is-mining players now can also profit from the game


With state of art mining mechanism, Rollin.Games attract and acquire marketers across the globe to form the decentralized game distribution network to help the game developers promote their game world-wide with a lower profit share rate compares to the mainstream game distribution channels like Stream or Google Play

Super Easy Integration

Integrate with Rollin.Games Needs ZERO Blockchain Knowledge

1. Replace the Login

2. Replace IAP

3. Integrate Play-is-Mining

To adopt Rollin.Games solution is extremely easy, there only 3 steps, and game developers need no blockchain knowledge.
Rollin.Games has extensive experience in integrating the centralized system with the decentralized system, we handled the tricky parts of blockchain scan, cross-blockchain, on-chain settlement, private key management, and more. Doing our best to make game developers can adopt Rollin.Games solution within hours.

Free for Adoption

To adopt Rollin.Games cost nothing, we do a profit share model. Rollin.Games would charge 1% to 15% from player spends depends on the game type. Even though we do the profit-sharing model game developers could even earn more from Rollin.Games rewards system.

Rollin.Games leverage the power of cryptocurrency economic to conduct a Proof-of-Profit mining mechanism that benefits game developers and marketers. Click here to learn more.

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